You got to love it when you find an energetic freelancer! My name is Pete Rizkalla but everyone just calls me "Rizk" (pronounced "risk"). I'm a freelance journalist for the video game industry and animation industry; I've written countless game reviews, covered many events and conferences and conducted tons of interviews with big name development studios like Naughty Dog, Epic Games, Remedy, Square-Enix, EA and Sony Santa Monica just to name a few. I love this industry; I've been doing this for years and I'll most likely be doing this until the day I die!

I was born with an Atari 2600 joystick in my hand. My first job ever was at a video arcade where many Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike, Guilty Gear XX and Marvel vs. Capcom 2 tournaments took place! After getting through the social gauntlet of high school, I attended college where I learned one very important thing... that there are very, very few career options for a guy with my skills. I then interned at a magazine where I learned that I could actually make a living by not shutting up! I've also worked in game industry areas such as retail, beta testing and marketing. After a lifetime of heavy exposure to video games, it's safe to say that I understand more about the game industry than most people know about their own feet!

To be quite honest, this really isn't work for me. Nothing this fun can really be described as work. Alright, enough talking; hit the Contact Me tab and let's have ourselves a party!

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