Peter Rizkalla
10140 Columbus Ave.
Mission Hills, CA 91345
+1 (818) 621-2757


    Video Game Industry Journalist -- 2006 to present
    - The first and most obvious of my experiences is probably the whole reason why you are visiting my site in the first place. My work has been featured in online publications and in print publications all over the world for outlets like...

    My clients continue to seek my services because I always make my work as huge and as fantastic as I possibly can. For links to my work please see my Clients section. I have often been applauded by my clients as "The man who can get to anyone at anytime" Because of my track record for getting phenomenal interviews with big names and big development houses such as my interview with Naughty Dog where I talked to a total of 11 lead developers for a production piece on Uncharted 2 which was then used to promote the sale of The Art of Uncharted 2 art book by Ballistic Publishing

    Assistant Art Director - Animation World Network 2006 to 2007
    - Before I started writing for I was their Assistant Art Director where I helped maintain the site, publish new pieces and performed many graphic design tasks as well as HTML web development tasks

    Mobile Games Promoter - Namco Bandai 2005 & 2006
    - Back when Namco Bandai was just known as Namco, I worked with marketing directors to promote games designed for mobile devices at the 2005 & 2006 E3 video game conventions. My energy, enthusiasm and genuine passion for Namco's product made me the top performer among my colleagues according to my superiors

    Video Arcade Overseer - Family Fun Arcade 1998 to 2001
    - I maintained this local arcade which included helping to repair, restore and assemble arcade cabinets as well as oversee various fighting game tournaments

    Game Tester - THQ 2005 & 2K Games 2008
    - I worked as a game tester on two separate occasions; first for THQ and then later for 2K Games. I worked on titles such as BioShock for PS3 and Civilization Revolution for PS3 and Xbox 360

    Sales Associate - GameStop 2007 to 2010
    - Everyone who has even the slightest bit of interest in the game industry has had to have done some retail work for GameStop at least once

Technical Skills

    - Flash
    - Photoshop
    - Adobe Premiere
    - Final Cut Pro
    - Adobe After Effects
    - HTML & CSS
    - All Microsoft Office applications
    - Adobe Illustrator
    - 3D Studio Max
    - Maya
    - Traditional Drawn Animation
    - Outstanding knowledge of computer hardware, software and electronics

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